Taprobane Tea Company, Organic Black Tea with Apple & Cinnamon x 4 Cartons (80 tea bags)


Taprobane Tea Company, Organic Black Tea with Apple & Cinnamon x 4 Cartons (80 tea bags)


  • This is a truly unique fusion of fresh, certified ORGANIC Ceylon Black Tea Leaves partnered with tangy flecks of dried Apple (10%) & dusted with fresh Cinnamon from Sri Lanka. We make our teas from the finest quality ingredients and this blend is as fragrant as a slice of apple pie! The tea leaves in this product are hand picked in the mountains of Sri Lanka & processed on site to preserve freshness
  • This blend is 100% plant based & is suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians. Better still, our teas are also Sugar FREE & Calorie FREE
  • 160g Tea Leaves combined with dried Apple pieces, Cinnamon & flavours packed in 4 separate Cartons (80 Tea Bags total). Each carton contains 20 double chamber, string-and-tag, tea cup bags enclosed in an individual envelope to preserve the aromatic flavours. Once opened, store in a cool, dry place
  • To prepare, brew a Tea Bag for 1 minute in a cup of boiling water to release the enticing aromas of Apple & Cinnamon. This tea is naturally sweet but can be further sweetened with a teaspoon of raw sugar, if desired, or use a sweetener of your choice. A dash of dairy milk or cream is recommended to enhance the flavours of this beverage, or use a plant based milk of your choice.
  • Relax – our Tea Bags are 100% PLASTIC FREE, biodegradable & wild life friendly
  • Made in Sri Lanka from local & imported ingredients
  • If you love tea then try ours. We Promise A Smile With Every Sip!
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Weight 472 g

100 Tea Cup Bags, 50 Tea Cup Bags

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