• Organic Black Tea with Berries


      This is an inspired combination of Organic Ceylon Black Tea with Raspberries, Strawberries and Blueberries. Treat yourself to the mouth-watering aromas and tastes of…

    • Organic Green Tea with Blueberries


      A sumptuous feast of plump ripe Blueberries and fresh Green Tea – drink in the pleasure. Ingredients: Organic Ceylon Tea, Blueberry pieces and flavours…

    • Organic Black Tea with Apple & Cinnamon


      A truly unique fusion of Organic Ceylon Black Tea partnered with tangy flecks of dried Apple and dusted with fresh Cinnamon from Sri Lanka…

    • Organic Green Tea with Citrus


      Citrus – the perfect foil to leafy green tea. This zesty blend of fresh Green Tea leaves with Mandarin, Orange and Lemon peel is…

    • Organic Ceylon Black Tea


      Cultivated in the cool misty mountains of Sri Lanka at dizzying elevations, this organic, hand picked, aromatic, pure Ceylon Black Tea will truly take…

    • Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea with Mango


      Be transported to a tropical paradise with our blend of luscious mango and organic, hand picked, loose leaf black tea. The creamy overtones of…

    • Organic Green Tea with Pomegranate


      A magical fusion of tropical and middle eastern flavours. Take a ride on the magic carpet every time you sip this exotic blend of…

    • Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea


      Tea connoisseurs will treasure the unique freshness and flowery aromas of this high altitude, pure Ceylon tea. Our organic, hand picked, loose leaf black…

    • Organic Green Tea with Ginger


      Our newest creation, Green Tea with Ginger is a bracing combination of fresh leafy green tea leaves & aromatic flecks of dried ginger. Be…

    • Organic Green Tea with Mint


      Premium Green Tea leaves and fresh Mint leaves are perfectly partnered in this most refreshing of teas. Now “it’s easy being green”. Ingredients: Organic…

    • Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea with Rose Petals


      Best Before: 12/2021 A romantic blend of organic, hand picked, loose leaf, pure Ceylon black tea combined with hand-picked, organic, Persian rose petals. You…

    • Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea with Violet Blossoms


      Best Before: 12/2021 Feel like it’s Spring everyday with our blend of wonderfully fragrant, organic, hand picked, whole violet blossoms and organic, hand picked,…

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